we can...
be productive, learn and achieve
we can...
be well, healthy and live in strong, resilient families
we can...
be connected, get involved in local activities, gain help and support when needed

who we are...

THRiVE is a collaboration of local parents, schools, community groups and statutory and voluntary organisations working together to help children and young people in Rathcoole and Monkstown do well

what matters to us...

We want children, young people and parents in Rathcoole and Monkstown to have:

  • Pride, self-confidence and hope for the future
  • Strong mental health
  • Success in schools resulting in  pathways to further education, training and employment
  • A sense of belonging to a positive and supportive community
  • Equality and consistency of opportunity across their community’s services
  • Access to wider opportunities to contribute and benefit from a successful economy
  • Positive community role models/champions to inspire them to become future community leaders

News and updates

Our Collaborative Investors

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