Our Ambition...

  • We want schools to be accessible, valued and safe places for children and parents

  • We want parents to understand the value of education to their child and to be engaged in their child’s education

  • We want children and young people to have high levels of belief regarding what they can achieve and how they can fulfil their potential 

  • We want children, young people and families in Rathcoole and Monkstown to believe that with the help of each other WE CAN do well and THRiVE

Our WE CAN campaign is about promoting positive aspirational messages and bringing the community together through social media platforms, events, advertising, WE CAN awards and WE CAN champions in schools and the community.

We want children and young people in Rathcoole and Monkstown to believe that together:

  • WE CAN be productive, learn and achieve
  • WE CAN be well, healthy and live in strong resilient families
  • WE CAN be connected, get involved in local activities and gain help and support when needed

Barnardo’s co-ordinates the WE CAN campaign, actively involving local children, parents, schools and community groups.

The WE CAN campaign was designed by our partners Smarts along with local young people and parents. Our campaign was launched by Carl Frampton in January 2019

News & Updates