Our Ambition...

  • Improved resilience and emotional wellbeing of children, parents and teachers
  • All children in pre-school and nursery are fully prepared for school life
  • Improved access to services for children and young people and early intervention
How we will achieve this…
  • School Nursing Pilot in Abbey Community College
  • Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing approach
  • Teacher support and well-being initiatives
  • Staff training (eg Resilience, ACES, Nurture, Solihull
  • Building consistent links with health services
  • Support for parents and families

Parent Engagement

Barnardo’s Family Connections offers family support to families with primary aged children, helping with understanding children’s behaviour, establishing routines and boundaries, accessing support for children with additional needs, building strong parent child relationships, keeping children safe. Families can request support or be referred from schools, Family Support Hub and other organisations.

Listen to Lorna’s story of how she benefited from making connections in her community…

Parent Support

Monkstown Boxing Club works with parents of pupils involved in the Aspire programme, and young people connected to youth programmes, supporting them with understanding their young person and looking after their own well-being. Monkstown Boxing Club Parent Worker supports families of young people involved in The Box.

Monkstown Mums is a group of local mums that meets in the Boxing Club to support each other and focuses on well-being and wellness.

Parent Champions

Local parents are actively involved in supporting other parents and advancing THRiVE ambition WE CAN be strong, resilient families. Parent Champions organise parent groups in local schools, actively involved in the WE CAN campaign, run parent programmes and information sessions and organise adult education opportunities

Staff Training

THRiVE is committed to ensuring that all the significant adults around children and young people in Rathcoole and Monkstown are aware of their role in supporting aspiration, attainment and well-being.

THRiVE has provided training to build the capacity of local organisations and schools

  • Outcomes Star training for family support and youth workers
  • Intergenerational Trauma conference for school staff and youth practitioners
  • Solihull training for early years and foundation teachers and practitioners
  • Well-being training for school staff
  • Peer mentoring training for youth workers
  • Incredible Years training for parents, family support workers and school staff
  • Drawing, Talking and Building Blocks Therapy training for school staff
  • PATHS Social and Emotional learning programme for school staff – training and coaching for implementation

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