Our Ambition...

  • Enhanced levels of buy in and focus from all key stakeholders
  • A culture of sharing resources and expertise
  • Increased level of engagement between communities, schools and other stakeholders
  • Increased and enhanced communication between schools to improve transition process and experience for children and young people
How we will achieve this…
  • THRiVE Project Board
  • Making It Happen groups
  • Whole school staff events
  • Celebration events
  • Joint training
  • Consistent transition strategy
  • Common pupil assessment folder P7-Yr 8
  • Take 5 Transition Programme
  • Common information sharing approach

Barnardo’s co-ordinates the THRiVE collaboration, facilitating THRiVE Project Board meetings, enabling sub-groups and delivery partners to work towards improved aspiration, attainment, well-being and collaboration.

Frazer Bailie is Chairperson of the THRiVE Project Board. Listen to him talk about the benefits of collaboration and collectively “ganging up on the problem”…

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Collective Impact

There is growing acceptance that large-scale social change (such as improving educational achievement) is best achieved through the co-ordination of multiple efforts rather than the often fragmented inputs of individual organisations.  Whilst ‘one-off’ programmes and initiatives successfully reach some children, they can suffer from a lack of connectedness and often fade away when funding dries up. In contrast to ‘random acts of programming’ Collective Impact offers a structure and purpose for diverse organisations to work together through clearly defined goals.

THRiVE has been pioneering a collaborative, community based approach using collective impact strategies to help raise aspiration and improve education achievement. Although each partner and individual projects may differ in terms of their specific objectives or stage of development, they share a focus on partnership working to bring about long-lasting change. This way of working has become known as ‘collective impact’. Distinct from other partnerships, Collective Impact collaborations are committed to the 5 key conditions outlined.

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