Hearsay training for P2 teachers in Rathcoole and Monkstown

P2 teachers from local schools recently attended training on the Hearsay speech, language and communication programme. The 12 week programme was developed by Belfast teacher Caroline Lennox and is aimed at supporting children who have been identified as reluctant speakers or needing help to develop good listening skills. Puppets are used with the children to create a relaxed atmosphere for positive communication.  Staff received resource packs and lesson plans to enable them to deliver the programme in their classrooms. All the teachers who attended found the training useful or extremely useful and are looking forward to putting it into practice soon.

“We plan to do this as an afterschool club for our P2 pupils. This will allow an allocated time each week to complete each session”

“Thank you. It is a very comprehensive and well resourced programme”

“I really enjoyed the training session and it is an excellent programme for supporting children with Speech and Language difficulties”

“Resources are outstanding and the training was great also”

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